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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

Cerkno Cup - Day 5 (26/08/2018)
Pazar 26 Agustos 2018
Lome-Na Ravni , Slovenia
When we here for Day 2 to it was 30°C and sunny, today 9°C and torrential rain. This made me take even more care on the rocky te...
Cerkno Cup - Day 4 (Part 2) (25/08/2018)
Cumartesi 25 Agustos 2018
Cerkno, Slovenia
Cerkno Cup - Day 4 (Part 1) (25/08/2018)
Cumartesi 25 Agustos 2018
Cerkno, Slovenia
Well planned and surprisingly technical for a small town. Not really raining by the time I started. Mark had started one minute ah...
Cerkno Cup - Day 3 (24/08/2018)
Cuma 24 Agustos 2018
Blegos - Crni vhr, Slovenia
I've never been to an event before where I've got a ski left up to the arena. Steep alpine terrain but fairly runnable. General pl...
Cerkno Cup - Day 2 (23/08/2018)
Persembe 23 Agustos 2018
Lome-Klavžar, Slovenia
Struggled more today as it was more grotty and was making more errors. Time losses on 1, 3, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16. Terrible route choi...
Cerkno Cup - Day 1 (22/08/2018)
Çarsamba 22 Agustos 2018
Cajnar , Slovenia
Good orienteering (slow and steady) but mispunched with 3 controls on a straight line. Oops
Rasti-Vihti Evening event at Tervalampi (13/06/2018)
Çarsamba 13 Haziran 2018
Tervalampi, Rasti-Vihti, Finland
Landed in Helsinki then straight off to Rasti-Vihti local evening event at Tervalampi. 5.9 km course. Went very steady. Biggest mi...
DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 3 (28/05/2018)
Pazartesi 28 Mayis 2018
Braunton Burrows, DEVON, United Kingdom
Middle today. Felt fairly confident I could keep it together like I did for the 1st half of yesterday. As it turned out, there was...
DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 2 (27/05/2018)
Pazar 27 Mayis 2018
Braunton Burrows, DEVON, England
Tale of 2 halves. 1st 11 went well only not spiking 8 binning 70s - looking at it I was in the Lead!!!!. After 11 and the fence cr...
HOC WEE - Malvern Common (15/02/2018)
Persembe 15 Subat 2018
Malvern Common, England
Started this without much of a plan or urgency as map looked very straight forward. Caught Richard C at 7 and proceeded to make sl...
HOC WNL - Wyche Ridge South (10/02/2018)
Cumartesi 10 Subat 2018
Wyche Ridge South, England
Good plan and cleared them all but big time losses on 61 and 48 cost me the win. Legs ripped to shreds as well by the brambles. Mi...
BOK WNL - Yoxter (20/01/2018)
Cumartesi 20 Ocak 2018
Yoxter Ranges, England
Event was always going to be good as map is nice and technical with depressions, pits and gullies. To make things 10x harder thoug...
HOC WNL - British Camp (06/01/2018)
Cumartesi 6 Ocak 2018
British Camp, England
Really wish it was a flatter area after the XC 3 hours earlier. Had no desire to race around so a nice cruise. Poor route choice a...