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Cerkno Cup - Day 5 (26/08/2018)
Sunday 26 August 2018
Category: Competition
Lome-Na Ravni , Slovenia
When we here for Day 2 to it was 30°C and sunny, today 9°C and torrential rain. This made me take even more care on the rocky te...
Cerkno Cup - Day 4 (Part 2) (25/08/2018)
Saturday 25 August 2018
Category: Competition
Cerkno, Slovenia
Cerkno Cup - Day 4 (Part 1) (25/08/2018)
Saturday 25 August 2018
Category: Competition
Cerkno, Slovenia
Well planned and surprisingly technical for a small town. Not really raining by the time I started. Mark had started one minute ah...
Cerkno Cup - Day 3 (24/08/2018)
Friday 24 August 2018
Category: Competition
Blegos - Crni vhr, Slovenia
I've never been to an event before where I've got a ski left up to the arena. Steep alpine terrain but fairly runnable. General pl...
Cerkno Cup - Day 2 (23/08/2018)
Thursday 23 August 2018
Category: Competition
Lome-Klavžar, Slovenia
Struggled more today as it was more grotty and was making more errors. Time losses on 1, 3, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16. Terrible route choi...
Cerkno Cup - Day 1 (22/08/2018)
Wednesday 22 August 2018
Category: Competition
Cajnar , Slovenia
Good orienteering (slow and steady) but mispunched with 3 controls on a straight line. Oops
Night Training Tapanila (14/06/2018)
Thursday 14 June 2018
Category: Training
Tapanila, Finland
Night Orienteering Training on the official training area. 40 minutes drive away but it means that kites would be out. Nice terrai...
Syrjäntaus Training (14/06/2018)
Thursday 14 June 2018
Category: Training
Syrjäntaus, Finland
Short clock relay on an old map
Rasti-Vihti Evening event at Tervalampi (13/06/2018)
Wednesday 13 June 2018
Category: Competition
Tervalampi, Rasti-Vihti, Finland
Landed in Helsinki then straight off to Rasti-Vihti local evening event at Tervalampi. 5.9 km course. Went very steady. Biggest mi...
DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 3 (28/05/2018)
Monday 28 May 2018
Category: Competition
Braunton Burrows, DEVON, United Kingdom
Middle today. Felt fairly confident I could keep it together like I did for the 1st half of yesterday. As it turned out, there was...
DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 2 (27/05/2018)
Sunday 27 May 2018
Category: Competition
Braunton Burrows, DEVON, England
Tale of 2 halves. 1st 11 went well only not spiking 8 binning 70s - looking at it I was in the Lead!!!!. After 11 and the fence cr...
Broughton Burrows Training (18/02/2018)
Sunday 18 February 2018
Category: Training
Broughton Burrows, Wales
Night-O Training 45 Mins Score - Whiteford Burrows (17/02/2018)
Saturday 17 February 2018
Category: Training
Whiteford Burrows, Wales
HOC WEE - Malvern Common (15/02/2018)
Thursday 15 February 2018
Category: Competition
Malvern Common, England
Started this without much of a plan or urgency as map looked very straight forward. Caught Richard C at 7 and proceeded to make sl...
HOC WNL - Wyche Ridge South (10/02/2018)
Saturday 10 February 2018
Category: Competition
Wyche Ridge South, England
Good plan and cleared them all but big time losses on 61 and 48 cost me the win. Legs ripped to shreds as well by the brambles. Mi...
BOK WNL - Yoxter (20/01/2018)
Saturday 20 January 2018
Category: Competition
Yoxter Ranges, England
Event was always going to be good as map is nice and technical with depressions, pits and gullies. To make things 10x harder thoug...
HOC WNL - British Camp (06/01/2018)
Saturday 6 January 2018
Category: Competition
British Camp, England
Really wish it was a flatter area after the XC 3 hours earlier. Had no desire to race around so a nice cruise. Poor route choice a...
SAX KNC - Seal Chart (21/12/2017)
Thursday 21 December 2017
Category: Competition
Seal Chart, England
60 mins score. Format this week was 90s & 100s, no change over control, 2 dumbbells and a bonus control. Unfortunately in my h...
LOC Night Urban - Kendal (01/11/2017)
Wednesday 1 November 2017
Category: Competition
Kendal, England
LOC Night Urban Event in Kendal - Long 4.1km Legs were quick to tell me they didn't fancy this so hr barely got out of z3. Prob...
British Middle Champs (01/10/2017)
Sunday 1 October 2017
Category: Competition
Wendover Woods, England
Not in the zone at all today. Making mistakes on stupid controls Time losses: #3 30s Unsure where i was when i hit the path, i...
UBOC 2x2 Sprint Orienteering Relay (16/09/2017)
Saturday 16 September 2017
Category: Competition
University of Bristol, England
Leg 2|Results
In a NGOC team with Tom Cochrane. Really good area and well planned courses. Hard to get up to top speed and keep track of gap...
Wrekin John Bennison Long O (10/09/2017)
Sunday 10 September 2017
Category: Competition
Long Mynd, England
I got fooled into thinking this would be physically harder than it was. Last years winning time was 2.5 hours. Comparing this year...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (05/08/2017)
Saturday 5 August 2017
Category: Competition
Glen Fearder, Scotland
I found this day more fun than the others. It felt like there was less people out there so i was doing my own nav, not running par...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 5 (04/08/2017)
Friday 4 August 2017
Category: Competition
Glen Fearder, Scotland
Struggled with this terrain, never got going at all. Misses on 2, 3 and 4 made me annoyed and pressurised. Huge misses on 10 and 1...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 4 (03/08/2017)
Thursday 3 August 2017
Category: Competition
Craeg Choinich, Scotland
Struggled physically on the horrible heather / rocky pit combination on #1 and #2 but importantly i was clean. Small miss on 4 but...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (01/08/2017)
Tuesday 1 August 2017
Category: Competition
Birsemore Hill, Scotland
After only just making my start, I proceeded to be a prat from the off, wasting 6:30 which meant 3 starters behind me had been and...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 2 (31/07/2017)
Monday 31 July 2017
Category: Competition
Balfour Forest, Scotland
Started well, bad miss on 7, ran with Mark. Mark makes mistake I take over. I make bad mistake Mark doesn't follow. Angry, bored, ...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (30/07/2017)
Sunday 30 July 2017
Category: Competition
Glen Tanar, Scotland
Miss at #1 and #4 but not doing terribly then shoe started falling apart noticeably on the way to 9. This was the furthest point o...
JK Middle (15/04/2017)
Saturday 15 April 2017
Category: Competition
Ambersham Common, England
Dreadful race, especially the start wasting time on 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8. Generally caused by getting distracted by others / not takin...
YHOA Middle Distance Champs (19/03/2017)
Sunday 19 March 2017
Category: Competition
Hugset, England
Had watched the BUCS relay centred at the Southern end of the forest earlier in the day but this didn't seem to help me much at al...
Aguiar da Beira O Meeting - Long (05/03/2017)
Sunday 5 March 2017
Category: Competition
Aguiar da Beira Norte, Portugal
They say once you go elite, you should never go back, but maybe today was the day i should have dropped down. least i f...
Aguiar da Beira O Meeting - Sprint (04/03/2017)
Saturday 4 March 2017
Category: Competition
Aguiar da Beira, Portugal
I had done a lot of geeking for this event but i hadn't forecasted the degree to which the organisers attempted to make the course...
Aguiar da Beira O Meeting - Middle (04/03/2017)
Saturday 4 March 2017
Category: Competition
Aguiar da Beira Norte, Portugal
Snow overnight meant the rocks were in no better condition than yesterday and with no dobs i was picking very slow, careful lines ...
Aguiar da Beira Norte Training (03/03/2017)
Friday 3 March 2017
Category: Training
Aguiar da Beira Norte, Portugal
Set off in the snow...yes that's right, snow. Four days ago it was 17°C and now it was snowing. This made the rocks lethal and th...
POM Day 4 (28/02/2017)
Tuesday 28 February 2017
Category: Competition
Entre-Ribeiras e Coutadas, Portugal
Was a but nervous after yesterday's shoddy run but this soon turned into 17km Mass start fun in the rocks. Everybody who had e...
POM Day 3 (27/02/2017)
Monday 27 February 2017
Category: Competition
Entre-Ribeiras e Coutadas, Portugal
My worst run so far and i saved it for the most important day when it was WRE and i couldn't wear GPS. I would like to think I cou...
POM Day 2 (26/02/2017)
Sunday 26 February 2017
Category: Competition
Aldeia da Mata, Portugal
Time limit was 3 hours which made me slightly nervous as if it took me 68 mins to do 6.4km yesterday i would take over 3 hours. An...
POM Night Sprint (25/02/2017)
Saturday 25 February 2017
Category: Competition
Alter do Chão, Portugal
Not a hugely complicated town - very Brighton City race esque. Fast round the streets but had to slow down for the final 5 in the ...
POM Day 1 (25/02/2017)
Saturday 25 February 2017
Category: Competition
Aldeia da Mata, Portugal
Started slow, running as fast as i could orienteer. Worked tremendously, spiking everything until halfway at #13 when i misinterpr...
HOC WEE - The Old Hills (16/02/2017)
Thursday 16 February 2017
Category: Competition
The Old Hills, England
Failed to get them all in 1 hour again but this time it wasn't my fault. #StandardHOC #10 - there were two gates on the map but t...
BOK WNL - Dolebury Warren (21/01/2017)
Saturday 21 January 2017
Category: Competition
Dolebury Warren, England
BOK Western Night League at Dolebury Warren 60 Minute score - Odds and evens Nice area with hill top exposed leading to froz...
HOC WEE - Hartlebury Common (19/01/2017)
Thursday 19 January 2017
Category: Competition
Hartlebury Common, England
HOC Winter Evening Event at Hartlebury Common 1 hour score but you get bonus points if done in ascending order. 5.9km this seem...
NWO WNL - West Woods (07/01/2017)
Saturday 7 January 2017
Category: Competition
West Woods, England
NWO Western Night League @ West Woods Very misty so visibiliity was down below 10m. Couple this with lots of brambles and very ...
Blodslitet (22/10/2016)
Saturday 22 October 2016
Category: Competition
Krakeroy , Norway
Mens Open. Obviously I would have preferred to do the elite course but given it was 24km and i'm not fit yet, the 8km open was my ...
Canadian Champs - Sprint (01/08/2016)
Monday 1 August 2016
Category: Competition
Calgary University, Canada
Meant to be at Nordic Centre but had to be changed at last minute due to bears. Not at full pace and therefore found it very ea...
Canadian Champs - Long (31/07/2016)
Sunday 31 July 2016
Category: Competition
Rafter Six, Canada
Meant to be at Nordic Centre but had to be changed at last minute due to bears. Dropped down to the open course like at the Wes...
Canadian Champs - Middle (30/07/2016)
Saturday 30 July 2016
Category: Competition
Rafter Six, Canada
After doing geeking last night I knew what to expect..go slow, have a plan, terrain will be grotty. This worked wonders for the fi...
West Canadian Champs - Forest Sprint (25/07/2016)
Monday 25 July 2016
Category: Competition
Blue Lake, Canada
A "forest sprint" and again just jogging. Many little cabins made it interesting and was aware i was using my compass much more th...
West Canadian Champs - Long (24/07/2016)
Sunday 24 July 2016
Category: Competition
Cache Lake, Canada
Swapped down to the Open as I didn't want to be out for 2-3 hours. Aim today was to orienteer better by using compass a lot more e...
West Canadian Champs - Middle (23/07/2016)
Saturday 23 July 2016
Category: Competition
Cache Lake North, Canada
Started off slow with the aim of reducing errors and seeing if my hip would handle the rough terrain. Hip was fine but my orientee...
Harvester Relays (26/06/2016)
Sunday 26 June 2016
Category: Competition
Cleeve Hill, England
Leg 1|Results
My request not to do a long course required late changes to the NGOC teams to accomodate me. This meant I was down for first leg o...
HOC WEE - Habberley Valley  (11/02/2016)
Thursday 11 February 2016
Category: Competition
Habberley Valley , England
The reason I wanted to go to this was because it was the last chance I had to practice night orienteering before the British night...
HOC Level D - Arrow Valley Park (05/12/2015)
Saturday 5 December 2015
Category: Competition
Arrow Valley Park, HOC, United Kingdom
I was secretly hoping for the areas off the path to be challenging but it was a boring country park and essentially an orange cour...
NGOC WNL- Parkend (21/11/2015)
Saturday 21 November 2015
Category: Competition
Parkend, England
I can't seem to orienteer at all in the South West. I thought last week was bad but this was run was a legendary status of a catas...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (08/08/2015)
Saturday 8 August 2015
Category: Competition
Glen Affric North, Scotland
Last day of the 6days but this is the day they decided it would be a classic long distance. Stupid idea if you ask me. Knew it ...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 5 (07/08/2015)
Friday 7 August 2015
Category: Competition
Glen Affric South, Scotland
I'm not going to lie i've been looking forward to writing up this day. After how well day 4 went, with another late start i though...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 4 (06/08/2015)
Thursday 6 August 2015
Category: Competition
Darnaway West, Scotland
After 6.5 hours of carparking i was dead on my feet even before i ran. Fortunately this was a very runnable area and didn't get to...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (05/08/2015)
Wednesday 5 August 2015
Category: Competition
Darnaway East, Scotland
Much more runnable and felt really fun when i was running fast and spiking controls. Unfortunately that didn't happen over the who...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 2 (03/08/2015)
Monday 3 August 2015
Category: Competition
Strathfarrar, Scotland
Not felling as bad as yesterday. Got put off by the elephant tracks from the start and soon had lost contact with the map. headed ...
Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (02/08/2015)
Sunday 2 August 2015
Category: Competition
Achagour, Scotland
Had caught the illness going round a few days earlier and hand't had recovered. Fairly clean start losing time just being hesitant...
Jukola (14/06/2015)
Sunday 14 June 2015
Category: Competition
Pitkakeo, Finland
Leg 3|Results
Being in the banter squad i was a bit further down to what i wanted at the start of my leg. When i opened my A2 map i frankly had ...
Ryssankallio Training (11/06/2015)
Thursday 11 June 2015
Category: Training
Ryssankallio , Finland
Solvalla Training 2 (09/06/2015)
Tuesday 9 June 2015
Category: Training
Solvalla , Finland
Solvalla Training (09/06/2015)
Tuesday 9 June 2015
Category: Training
Solvalla , Finland
Pirttimaki Training (08/06/2015)
Monday 8 June 2015
Category: Training
Pirttimaki, Finland
Elibank Forest Training (07/03/2015)
Saturday 7 March 2015
Category: Training
Elibank Forest, Scotland
Middle Training with SEDS at Elibank Forest. Had no energy in my legs but nav was good until 11 as i didn't really have a plan. Af...
Gauch Wood Training (07/02/2015)
Saturday 7 February 2015
Category: Training
Gauch Wood, Scotland
EUOC PreBUCS individual training. Found the terrain incredibly bad underfoot and so after I nailed 9 whilst aiming for 5 i just ca...
Gauch Wood Relay Training (07/02/2015)
Saturday 7 February 2015
Category: Training
Gauch Wood, Scotland
PreBucs Relay Simulation. In a group with Mark, Andrew and Will. We all had different gaffles. Slowed down when the undergrowth go...
Auchingarrich Training (25/01/2015)
Sunday 25 January 2015
Category: Training
Auchingarrich, Scotland
EUOC training at Auchingarrich. Aimed to go slow and to know where i was at all time but made a hash of the final part of number 1...
Inshriach Trainimg (10/01/2015)
Saturday 10 January 2015
Category: Training
Inshriach, Scotland
EUOC training at Inshriach as part of xmas weekend. The problem was that i was trying to do it at full speed in a very technical a...
Loch Vaa Training (09/01/2015)
Friday 9 January 2015
Category: Training
Loch Vaa, Scotland
EUOC Training at Loch Vaa part of xmas weekend. Aimed to get round as many controls on the long course in 1 hour before it got dar...
Scottish Student Champs: Relay - Glasgow Uni  (08/11/2014)
Saturday 8 November 2014
Category: Competition
Gilmorehill, United Kingdom
Relay, leg 2
Scottish Student Champs: Relay at Glasgow Uni on Gilmorehill. 2nd string team of rona, me, andrew and beth. Legs still tight after...
SAX Summer Series - Mote Park (04/09/2014)
Thursday 4 September 2014
Category: Competition
Mote Park, England
Saxons Summer Series at Mote Park. This was always going to be running training rather than nav training. Thought I had got caught...
NN Score Event - Houghall Woods (22/09/2013)
Sunday 22 September 2013
Category: Competition
Houghall Woods, Northern Navigators, United Kingdom
NN Level D event at Houghall Woods which again was put on to use the new permanent orienteering course. Things that made me angry:...
NE Score Champs (10/02/2013)
Sunday 10 February 2013
Category: Competition
Chopwell Wood
NE Score Champs at Chopwell Wood. I spiked almost everything except this one easy control where I wasted 6 mins. Could have done a...
NATO Night Owl - Doctor Pit (27/10/2012)
Saturday 27 October 2012
Category: Competition
Doctor Pit, NATO, United Kingdom
First of the NATO Night Owl Series and tbh there wasn't much to shout about. It was basically a 3.9km orange in the dark and I did...
NATO Level D - Choppington (22/01/2012)
Sunday 22 January 2012
Category: Competition
Choppington, NATO, United Kingdom