Aguiar da Beira Norte Training (03/03/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Aguiar da Beira Norte
Country: Portugal
Distance: 6.47 km
Time: 81:42
Average HR: 120
Maximum HR: 168
Set off in the snow...yes that's right, snow. Four days ago it was 17°C and now it was snowing. This made the rocks lethal and the problem was there was a hell of a lot of them. You can just about make out the snow here.
There were only 12 controls out on quite a small area so decided to do long legs using the controls round the outside on the 1:15000 snippet then finish up with the middle controls on the 1:10000.

Took longer than I wanted to get used to the map and be able to navigate over the terrain without stopping and relocating but got there in the end. Feel a bit more ready now.
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Aguiar da Beira Norte Training (03/03/2017) Aguiar da Beira Norte Training (03/03/2017)