Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (30/07/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Glen Tanar
Country: Scotland
Distance: 12.04 km
Time: 116:28
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 181
Miss at #1 and #4 but not doing terribly then shoe started falling apart noticeably on the way to 9. This was the furthest point on the course so i knew i had to carry on. Was alright when running on my toes but it was hard to keep this up, and impossible on the downhills when i had to just stumble down instead of run. Quick calculation was that I was running 30s slower per km.

Was getting sloppy now, as my mind was mainly thinking about my shoe. Small losses on 11-15 then a miss at 16 allowed Mark to catch up and i just followed him and Dane to the finish.

10 mins of mistakes + 3.5 mins slower due to shoe

Time losses:
#1 2:15 - Way too high. No good attackpoint
#4 2:15 - Hard control. Almost nailed it, just hesitated in the circle, panicked and assumed i was too low but just too high. No good attackpoint.
#11 0:40 - tbh i was lost from the off as I was trying to stick with another guy, Lucky i didn't waste more time
#12 0:20 - Ran down the spur too early. Saw Will Rigg dart off in the other direction and quickly followed
#13 0:20 - Ran straight past it and hit the ride
#14 0:30 - Poor bearing off the top of the hill meant i didn't hit the crossing point as planned
#15 0:15 - Poor bearing after the crossing point meant much hesitation when map didn't fit
#16 3:00 - Plan was to go to the side of the second hill but i accidentally ran over the top of it so after that it didn't make sense. Ran into Mark trying to relocate and followed suit.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (30/07/2017) Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (30/07/2017)