Scottish 6 Days - Day 2 (31/07/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Balfour Forest
Country: Scotland
Distance: 11.56 km
Time: 85:40
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 179
Started well, bad miss on 7, ran with Mark. Mark makes mistake I take over. I make bad mistake Mark doesn't follow. Angry, bored, cruise to finish.

Worse than yesterday. Almost 11 mins of errors

Time losses:
#3 0:33 - A bit too high, was just assuming i would see it as i contoured across
#7 3:00 - Plan was to run over the spur then contour but i didn't pay any attention as to what feature i was looking for. I got very hesitant and panicked that i had gone badly wrong even though i was in the circle. Mark who started 3 min behind now caught me.
#12 1:08 - Was just following Mark. Neither of us saw the control in the reentrant than we had run down for 150m so had to relocate off the control on the boulder 60m too far.
#15 5:00 - Lots wrong with this. Bad bearing, no plan, followed tracks assuming they were on line. Eventually relocated 200m away.
#19 0:30 - Slightly off line after contouring instead of climbing.
#21 0:45 - Again slightly off line. Should have run to the end of the fence then dropped down as was my original plan.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 2 (31/07/2017) Scottish 6 Days - Day 2 (31/07/2017)