Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (01/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Birsemore Hill
Country: Scotland
Distance: 7.86 km
Time: 66:55
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 182
After only just making my start, I proceeded to be a prat from the off, wasting 6:30 which meant 3 starters behind me had been and gone before i found 1. Settled myself down with only small misses until another big one at 11 where 3 more runners were running in a train in the other direction. Lost the plot from here with a miss at 13 and a large error on 16. Mark had caught up 20 mins by 24 confirmed this was my worst day so far. Over 15 mins of errors

Time losses:
#1 6:30 - Plan was to get to the wall, figure out where i was, then find the control. Unfortunately when i crossed the wall i thought i was too high but i was actually really close to the wall corner which was lower than the control. Wasted a lot of time relocating eventually having to run back the the wall.
#2 0:15 - Slightly off line
#3 0:30 - Point was hidden in the bracken so a bit of hesitation when i initially didn't see it as i ran down the spur
#8 0:20 - Can't follow my bearing so had to run up the veg boundary when i didn't hit it bang on
#9 0:10 - Hesitation in the circle
#11 1:40 - Off-line again. Too high. Wasn't able to relocate off a nearby control so got confused. Eventually figured i'd gone too far
#13 1:45 - Ran straight past it hidden by the bracken. Wasn't really concentrating, assuming i would see it. Relocated of the crag and boulder 70m south.
#16 3:15 - Didn't want to do excessive climb so plan was to contour round. When i saw the black and yellow taped crag I thought i was too low but i was dead on line. After doing a large circle i saw Andrew nearing the control,
#24 0:35 - Not paying attention to the fine detail. Was looking on the side of the hill
#25 0:15 - Not reading map. thought there was a large path on the north side of the fence
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (01/08/2017) Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (01/08/2017)