Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (05/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Glen Fearder
Country: Scotland
Distance: 12.15 km
Time: 100:28
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 179
I found this day more fun than the others. It felt like there was less people out there so i was doing my own nav, not running particularly fast but making less mistakes. Confidence boost when I caught Nick Jarvis at 9 and then Mark Burley at 10. Had I not made a mistake at 15 i think i could have got away but the train reformed and immediately derailed on 16. Refocussed and clawed my way back after i lost touch. Still over 8 mins wasted.

Time losses:
#3 0:20 - Hesitant. Relocated off the point on the reentrant 60m early
#4 3:10 - Good bearing but i wasn't where i thought i was when i took it. Ended up way too high and had to relocate.
#10 1:25 - Got put off by Nick Jarvis as i though he had found it. We were both way too low. Annoying as i had done fine for the rest of the leg.
#15 1:00 - Story of the week. No attackpoint, was way too high without a proper plan. Mistook a ride running NW with a North line so ignored it instead of running down it,
#16 2:05 - Thought i only had to run down 1 steep bank so when i had done that i was confused not to find the control. Took a while to relocate.
#24 0:10 Dropped down too early, not really naving, assuming we would have the same control as the girls.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (05/08/2017) Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (05/08/2017)