Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (02/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Achagour
Country: Scotland
Distance: 12.91 km
Time: 103:19
Had caught the illness going round a few days earlier and hand't had recovered. Fairly clean start losing time just being hesitant before the first road crossing. This must have made me overconfident as i lost more time on the next 3 controls in a row. Wan't a fan of the change of terrain to small windy paths and immediately lost contact with the map and lost 2:30 on 17 having to relocate of a main track. On the way to 18 i caught up another lad which ruined the rest of my race as i wasn't following my bearings on 19/21/22/23. Had no energy being ill and bonged on the long leg back resulting in walk/jog. The only thing on my mind was now will i finish before 4:00 when i though the courses closed and without any more major mistakes (i was going slower) i got in with 10 to spare.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (02/08/2015) Scottish 6 Days - Day 1 (02/08/2015)