Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (05/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Darnaway East
Country: Scotland
Distance: 7.73 km
Time: 52:17
Much more runnable and felt really fun when i was running fast and spiking controls. Unfortunately that didn't happen over the whole course. Didn't follow bearing on 2 and ended up in undergrowth too far North. Didn't have a plan an 6 so was very hesitant. Followed other runners on 8 instead of my own route. Hesitant on 8. 5 good controls in a row made me very confident and i was too busy planning ahead that i did a parallel error and ran down a path to early wasting over 4 mins on basically an orange leg. Annoyed i tried to make up time and consequently wasted time on 19 with a poor bearing.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (05/08/2015) Scottish 6 Days - Day 3 (05/08/2015)