Scottish 6 Days - Day 4 (06/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Darnaway West
Country: Scotland
Distance: 7.73 km
Time: 52:17
After 6.5 hours of carparking i was dead on my feet even before i ran. Fortunately this was a very runnable area and didn't get too tired. First control was arguably the hardest so was hesitant from the off. After that it was technically much easier than the previous days due to the good path network and high runnability. One mistake at 5 not reading contours close enough and having to relocate of path close by. Time also wasted on 17 picking route which was mapped as white but slow due to windblown. Could have been quicker if i had more energy in my legs but overall LOVED THIS RUN. Even more so when i saw the forest demon walking out of the forest bored and retiring.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 4 (06/08/2015)