Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (08/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Glen Affric North
Country: Scotland
Distance: 15.81 km
Time: 160:02
Last day of the 6days but this is the day they decided it would be a classic long distance. Stupid idea if you ask me.

Knew it couldn't possibly go as bad as the day before and i had food with me this time and it seemed more runnable. Good first 3, slight miss on 4 being to low. This meant simon gardner to catch me up and after another miss on 6 with no good attackpoint he was level with me. stayed with him until the long leg to 9 but a poor routechoice on the tussocks ending up in bracken and a miss at the control i was a minute behind and never caught up. I was just intent in surviving but when a fast train caught me at 13 i hopped on board, actually leading them into 14 but lost them up the hill to 17. The excursions of the day before took its toll now and was cruising to the finish.

Over the last few legs there were many trains of people racing round quicker than me and with the W21E having a similar but different leg 22, this lost me time as i was on their train and lost contact with the map. I was just glad i finished but if i knew that i would have beaten andrew if i had spiked the controls in the forest at pace, i would have tried harder.
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Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (08/08/2015) Scottish 6 Days - Day 6 (08/08/2015)