HOC WNL - Wyche Ridge South (10/02/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Wyche Ridge South
Country: England
Distance: 6.77 km
Time: 59:18
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 186
Good plan and cleared them all but big time losses on 61 and 48 cost me the win. Legs ripped to shreds as well by the brambles. Mind also not in the zone, keep thinking about my car wing mirror which I will have to replace for the second time in three weeks but this time it was the pavement side mirror.

Time losses (5:32):
Exiting #41 31s investigating the green deciding it to too thick to run though
#61 ~ 60s ended up on the wrong path exiting 60 so hunted on the a spur to high for a bit
#53 40s being to high up
#48 3:33 Control was too high up the ditch away from the road, actually placed on the edge of the circle. Slightly off bearing meant i didn't spike it and hit road as catching feature running parallel to hit didn't find it. Even hit ditch, had a look up and down but didn't see it so wasted 3 mins having to relocate.
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HOC WNL - Wyche Ridge South (10/02/2018) HOC WNL - Wyche Ridge South (10/02/2018)