HOC WEE - Hartlebury Common (19/01/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hartlebury Common
Country: England
Distance: 9.08 km
Time: 64:04
Average HR: 143
Maximum HR: 174
HOC Winter Evening Event at Hartlebury Common

1 hour score but you get bonus points if done in ascending order. 5.9km this seemed easy enough. Howerver....my nav was pants today

#4 - Wasted 3:30 Getting confused with the vegetation and shape of the land. Ended up relocating of #20
#7 - Wasted 1:00 getting stuck in gorse
#13 Wasted 2:00 . Didn't know what i was looking for. Didn't have good AP. was just hunting in the circle
#15 Wasted 4:15 - Must have run up and unmapped path as it still doesn't make sense looking at my gps trace. still...should have relocated quicker
#16 Wasted 1:15 basically doing map memory rather than naving and not arriving at the right place
#17 Wasted 4:50 as didn't look at my compass and pelted it down a path going south when i thought i was going east but i actually should have gone North.
#18 Wasted 1:10 hunting in wrong place due to poor bearing
#22 Wasted 0:45 getting out of green and then hunting in wrong place
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HOC WEE - Hartlebury Common (19/01/2017) HOC WEE - Hartlebury Common (19/01/2017)