LOC Night Urban - Kendal (01/11/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kendal
Country: England
Distance: 5.85 km
Time: 37:04
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 168
LOC Night Urban Event in Kendal - Long 4.1km

Legs were quick to tell me they didn't fancy this so hr barely got out of z3. Problem tonight was that I was just running to to the circle rather than knowing what feature i was looking for.

Time losses:
#4 60s Thought i was looking for wall so when it wasn't there i did a loop of a building and found it at the other side of the foot of steps
#5 86s 3 errors on this leg alone. Firstly down too many flights of stairs so started running down the wrong road. Then missed a gate so ran back. Then interpreted map and control description wrong so changed my original plan to attack from below when it would have been fine.
#9 38s trying to spot the SI unit with no flag. I was standing right by it.
#10 Picked wrong route choice as didn't spot alley
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LOC Night Urban - Kendal (01/11/2017) LOC Night Urban - Kendal (01/11/2017)