NGOC WNL- Parkend (21/11/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Parkend
Country: England
Distance: 8.81 km
Time: 74:43
I can't seem to orienteer at all in the South West. I thought last week was bad but this was run was a legendary status of a catastrophe.

The details read normal Western night league format so I assumed it was the same format as last week (odds and evens). It turns out last week was not normal. As i was going round I was thinking there doesn't seem to be a lot of evens..... When I eventually met someone at a control and asked them the format I felt like an idiot and proceeded to the right way.

Near the end I wasted 5 mins looking for a high scoring bingo control which meant i would be late back. The orienteering Gods must have been so ashamed by my performance that when i was furthest from the finish, as an act of punishment, my torch battery cut out just when i was trying to navigate down an indistinct path in thick forest ---> PITCH BLACK. Absolutely terrifying. Luckily i was carrying a spare torch but it had about 1 lumen of light - just enough to get me out of the terrifying forest to a bigger moonlit path but not bright enough to attempt to find a cheeky control on the long 1.75km slog back to the finish. Minus 147 points for being 14:40 late!

Try and spot where the torch cut out if you have strava. It may be hard cos i was stationary quite a lot being lost
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NGOC WNL- Parkend (21/11/2015) NGOC WNL- Parkend (21/11/2015)