HOC WEE - Habberley Valley (11/02/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Habberley Valley
Country: England
Distance: 5.4 km
Time: 50:08
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 165
The reason I wanted to go to this was because it was the last chance I had to practice night orienteering before the British night champs (as I'm not going to the BOK WNL on the 20 feb due to BUCS).

The evening was almost a complete disaster when i found my head torch battery hadn't charged but luckily a kind man had a spare.

The area was actually good preparation for the British Nights (lots of rock features and tricky path network but I hadn't read the scale. I thought initially it was 1:10000. After getting to things too quickly i adjusted thinking it was 1:7500 but only when writing this have I found it was actually 1:5000. There was me thinking the map was dreadful but actually it was my fault for not checking.
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HOC WEE - Habberley Valley  (11/02/2016) HOC WEE - Habberley Valley  (11/02/2016)