DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 2 (27/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Braunton Burrows
Organiser: DEVON
Country: England
Distance: 12.59 km
Time: 86:40
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 176
Tale of 2 halves. 1st 11 went well only not spiking 8 binning 70s - looking at it I was in the Lead!!!!. After 11 and the fence crossing though my ability to find flags diminished and didn't spike 13 of the next 19 and binned maybe around 14 mins. When Will caught me on 27 i thought that was about right but turned out he missed out the butterfly loop.

Time losses (15:05):
#8 70s - parallel error but the map was fairly vague as well
#12 90s - Misinterpreted map/vegetation and didn't realise I has entered a big yellow depression which would have helped
#13 30s - No real plan or bearing and ended up too far east relocating off big path
#14 30s - Misinterpreted map again thinking point was on spur rather than in reentrant
#17 20s - Hesistation stopping too early which i didn't need to do as there was a massive catching feature
#18 30s - Hesitation and poor initial bearing
#21 2:25 Was absolutely fine but when i came across an unmapped path i lost all confidence and spent time relocating
#22 ~6 mins exited north rather than West and proceeded to clearly never look at compass, running up the wrong hill anf everything making no sense. Bit embarrasing it took me so long to relocate having to stand on the highest hill and making everything fit 250m away on a 100m leg.
#25 ~30s got pushed wide by the veg when i should have gone round the path
#27 70s started off trying to contour when it was quicker along the flat, then was too low and did a little loop
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DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 2 (27/05/2018) DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 2 (27/05/2018)