DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 3 (28/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Braunton Burrows
Organiser: DEVON
Country: United Kingdom
Distance: 6.19 km
Time: 38:18
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 185
Middle today. Felt fairly confident I could keep it together like I did for the 1st half of yesterday. As it turned out, there wasn't that many overly tricky controls as you could find a very close attack point. That didn't stop me making a handful of sloppy errors but nothing as bad as yesterday.

Time losses (3:10):
#4 60s - failed to follow the ridge and followed the direction of a lone hill by accident, relocated of fence
#11 50s - Approached it from the top but got stuck on the wrong side of thick undergrowth
#15 ~40s - Terrible exit out of 14 meant i wasn't on the path that took you all the way to the control. Rather than running back to it i tried to cut the corner on terrain which was slow.
#21 25s - Got distracted by the earlier control on the line of hills which was on a vague track
#24 15s Hesitation not going far enough
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DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 3 (28/05/2018) DEVON Tamar Triple - Day 3 (28/05/2018)