BOK WNL - Yoxter (20/01/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Yoxter Ranges
Country: England
Distance: 10.24 km
Time: 61:20
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 175
Event was always going to be good as map is nice and technical with depressions, pits and gullies. To make things 10x harder though, fog descended on the area. Keeping on bearings was hard let along trying to navigate through the technical sections. After i binned 97s on 10, I found the the trick was to take slower but safer routes with handrails. Didn't matter that I was late as 22/24 were too. Really enjoyed this. Had I been clean and concentrating i should have got an extra 30 points but can't complain.

Time losses (4:05) - could have been a lot worse!:
#25 48s Bearing from 11 was spot on but unmapped pits threw me and had to relocate off the depression with crags to the east
#26 97s Bearing was slightly off so ended up in bushes rather than finding the fence as a catching feature and relocated off fence corner. Should have played it safe and used the north fence as a handrail like Ifor did.
#29 100s Faffing trying to go straight from 17 before I accepted I was lost and bailed South to use the fence as a handrail
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BOK WNL - Yoxter (20/01/2018) BOK WNL - Yoxter (20/01/2018)