POM Day 2 (26/02/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Aldeia da Mata
Country: Portugal
Distance: 21.96 km
Time: 166:01
Time limit was 3 hours which made me slightly nervous as if it took me 68 mins to do 6.4km yesterday i would take over 3 hours. Another worry of mine was it was a sunday and i had failed to get gels/jelly babies and the only thing i was able to rustle up was some chocolates and weather originals.

Luckily i had heard it was faster and easier so this calmed me fears, but maybe too much as i made a mistake straight away on 1. Refocused and played safe and this worked well. Being last starter i hardly saw a sole on my course except for when i insta-dropped lads from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Was bonking pretty bad at the end but i knew i was going to make it back in time. Only time losses were route choices.
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POM Day 2 (26/02/2017) POM Day 2 (26/02/2017)