POM Day 4 (28/02/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Entre-Ribeiras e Coutadas
Country: Portugal
Distance: 19.23 km
Time: 111:31
Was a but nervous after yesterday's shoddy run but this soon turned into 17km Mass start fun in the rocks.

Everybody who had either missed a day, was seriously slow, or just a prat like me was in the mass start. Did minimal navigation to the first two controls including a 2km leg but everyone ahead must have had a different butterfly loop to 3 so I was on my own. The train had derailed on the long leg to 12 after the first set of loops and i waited a minute to check a guy could at least stand after he stacked it off a slippery 8ft rock. I therefore stayed on the path. Was bonking at the end with a lack of real motivation but the super elites who began over 30 mins after me were beginning to force through and so i picked up the pace to stick with them on the last long leg.

Only a few time losses:
#13: 1:20 Hardest point on the course and had no real attackpoint
#15: 1:40 Was trying to catch a train and forgot to take bearing. Didn't come out where i expected and had to relocate
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POM Day 4 (28/02/2017) POM Day 4 (28/02/2017)