Aguiar da Beira O Meeting - Long (05/03/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Aguiar da Beira Norte
Country: Portugal
Distance: 19.58 km
Time: 224:53
Average HR: 135
Maximum HR: 167
They say once you go elite, you should never go back, but maybe today was the day i should have dropped down. least i finished unlike the 44 others.

This was the toughest course I have ever done. I was out for 25 mins more than the JK 2015 at Bigland and I would like to think I have improved in the two years since. This was almost 4 hours of non-stop getting stuck on top of rocks, getting stuck in green or being lost. The map was very black/grey and the areas which weren't were normally impenetrable fight.

Was tempted to retire at the spectator loop at around 3 hours with 7 controls to go but ploughed on. Still managed to have faster min/km than Mum and Dad.

Comparing my routes to the top runners i often picked the same route choices, they were just running much faster over the terrain (i don't know how) and more importantly not getting lost.

Time losses:
#1 Miss attacking from above through the rocks
#2 Paths seemed too far away so tried to go straight. Ignored the crossing point (Stupid) and got stuck in green. Bailed to the path but attacking from below the cliffs was really hard.
#3 Picked a solid route choice eventually but execution left a lot to be desired.
#4 Small miss too low
#6 Wasn't concentrating and ended up too low. Rightly bailed and went higher as if i carried on i could have got in serious trouble in the crags.
#7 Got stuck in green on the way and nearing the control
#8 Missed it going to far. Thought i had counted the reentrants but was also hoping the guy ahead would find it.
#13 Don't know what happened, thought i was following a bearing NE to the path but when i next looked at my compass i wasn't on it at all. Nothing made sense so bailed East to the path.
#16 Almost spiked it but couldn't see control at crag so lost confidence and went was hidden behind a boulder
#24 Again almost spiked it but it was marked as a knoll so didn't check behind the massive boulder until i saw a train of runners coming from it.

Hopefully any map from now on will seem much easier
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Aguiar da Beira O Meeting - Long (05/03/2017) Aguiar da Beira O Meeting - Long (05/03/2017)