Jukola (14/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pitkakeo
Country: Finland
Leg: 3
Distance: 17.56 km
Time: 122:48
Being in the banter squad i was a bit further down to what i wanted at the start of my leg. When i opened my A2 map i frankly had no plan what so ever for the long #1 so just followed the elephant tracks and other runners which worked well but then not on #2. after this i had decided to nav myself. by now it was light so no need for the torch. caught the train i started with at 4.

#5 had watched the gps coverage of this leg before my race so i knew there were two gaffles and it was tricky but i got put off by the other runners and ended up too far west. steady to 6/7. Due to the slow nature of contouring to 8 i was now in a massive pack. One quicker than average runner stormed through and i duely followed him, breaking away from the pack. From then on we kept leapfrogging each other, charging through other runners pretty much spiking everything (although it was easy with elephant tracks). It turns out he actually started before me and had made mistakes.

I ended up overtaking 377 runners to put the banter squad back to a reasonable position although we lost 100 when the guy i changed over to had got into the changeover zone illegally and hadn't gone through emit registration and had to wait for him to go through properly.
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Jukola (14/06/2015) Jukola (14/06/2015)